How does an electric fence work?

Electric fence systems are used to control many types of animals. A typical electric fence is a psychological barrier that keeps out farm animals and wildlife, even over long distances. The animal will touch the electric fence and be “trained” to stay away from the fence.

How Electric Fencing Works

When the electric fence is installed properly and the animal comes into contact with the electrified fence wire, it will feel an electric shock because the current will flow through the animal to the ground, completing the circuit. Before you start building your fence, be sure to check out our advice centre to see what will best suit your fence needs.

The fence must be well-designed and constructed to absorb some pressure from animals, snow and wind. The fence’s charger, also known as an energizer or fence controller, must have enough power for the length of the fence and for the animals being controlled.

Since the earth itself makes up half of the electric fence circuit, it is very important to have a properly installed ground circuit. In areas where poor soil and poor earth grounding conditions exist, a two-wire system can be used with one wire being electrically charged while the other wire acts as earth ground. This two-wire electric fence system is utilized when there are alternating “hot” and ground wires installed.

The electrically charged fence wire must not be allowed to come into contact with shrubs, tall grass, fence posts, nails or any other conductive objects on a continual basis. Otherwise, the electric charge from the fence wire will lose its “shocking” power.

Regardless of what wiring system is utilized, ground rod(s) and their connection to the charger’s ground terminal must always be used.

The fence charger is the heart of your electric fence system. Finding the best-matched charger for your fence is imperative to successfully contain/exclude animals.

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