3 Main Types of Light Bulbs

We’ve all seen spiral energy saving light bulbs in stores and some of us even have them at home. However, it is not always clear how they differ from other types and which lamp is best for the job. There are three main types of light bulbs on the market: incandescent light bulbs, halogen light […]

Types of Lamps & Bulbs


Lighting – I use it every day. Lighting accounts for 20-50% of a company’s electricity consumption. This is a pretty big part. However, each building is unique and when evaluating the needs of a building, you can start thinking about the different types of lamps and light bulbs available. How do they work? What makes […]

Basic Electricity Terms

Basic Electricity Terms

Alternating current (AC) The electric current that reverses directions at regular intervals. Amps Measurement of current flow through a conductor. Atom The smallest unit of matter.  Everything in the world is made of different combinations of atoms. Battery A single or group of connected electric cells that produce a direct electric current (DC). Blackout Total […]

Basic Electricity


What is electricity? Electricity is a form of energy that produces heat and light. Electricity is also referred to as “electrical energy.” Where does electricity start? Electricity starts with atoms. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Electricity is produced when electrons move from atom to atom due to an external force. The […]

3 Main types of solar panels

types of solar panels

The three most common types of solar panels on the market are monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film solar panels Most of the solar panels on the market for residential solar energy systems today can be divided into three categories: monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels and thin-film solar panels. The solar cells that make up the […]

what is a solar generator?

solar generator

Solar power generators are also portable, but they do not contain moving parts. It consists of an inverter, solar panel, solar panel charger. The solar panel is what captures the energy from the sun and stores that energy in a battery built into the generator. The inverter then converts this energy from DC power to AC […]

5 Types of Electric Circuit

5 Types of Electric Circuit

There are 5 Main Types of Electric circuits – Closed Circuit, Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Series Circuit and Parallel Circuit. What is an Electric Circuit? An electric circuit is a conducting path for the flow of electric current or is called an electric circuit. A conductive wire is used to establish a connection between the […]

Basic electrical and electronic symbols

electrical symbols

The main electronic and electrical symbols represent functions, components, devices, and circuits in electrical and electronic diagrams. They all belong to the most common and widely used standards in the world. These basic electrical and electronic symbols are represented by their generic symbol. For some representations, you can access their family in the related link in the […]

Electrical Earthing System

Electrical Earthing System

Definition of Electrical Earthing The process of transferring the discharge of electrical energy directly to the ground using low resistance wires is known as electrical grounding. Earthing is carried out by connecting the non-current or neutral part of the equipment from the power supply system to the ground. Galvanized iron is mainly used for earthing. […]