3 Main Types of Light Bulbs

We’ve all seen spiral energy saving light bulbs in stores and some of us even have them at home. However, it is not always clear how they differ from other types and which lamp is best for the job. There are three main types of light bulbs on the market: incandescent light bulbs, halogen light […]

Types of Lamps & Bulbs


Lighting – I use it every day. Lighting accounts for 20-50% of a company’s electricity consumption. This is a pretty big part. However, each building is unique and when evaluating the needs of a building, you can start thinking about the different types of lamps and light bulbs available. How do they work? What makes […]

Basic Electricity Terms

Basic Electricity Terms

Alternating current (AC) The electric current that reverses directions at regular intervals. Amps Measurement of current flow through a conductor. Atom The smallest unit of matter.  Everything in the world is made of different combinations of atoms. Battery A single or group of connected electric cells that produce a direct electric current (DC). Blackout Total […]

Basic Electricity


What is electricity? Electricity is a form of energy that produces heat and light. Electricity is also referred to as “electrical energy.” Where does electricity start? Electricity starts with atoms. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Electricity is produced when electrons move from atom to atom due to an external force. The […]